Core Donation from the Army Corps of Engineers

A special thank-you to geologist Mark Elson and the Army Corps of Engineers in Nashville, TN for donating ten boxes of core to the Earth Science Department and Sedimentary Geology lab!

Four students and Dr. Wolak (who enjoys writing about herself in third person) visited the core warehouse the first week of December. After a brief introduction with Mark, the group sorted through about 30 boxes of core to select samples that could be used in sedimentary geology lab exercises. Ten boxes have a new home in Kittrell Hall and display an amazing diversity of lithologies, including conglomerates, coarse-to-fine sandstones, siltstones, mudstone, limestones (all flavors!) and even a coal bed or two.

Overturned bedding in a limestone core.

Overturned bedding in a limestone core.

Thanks also to Kolbe Andrejewski, TTU Earth Science undergraduate, for helping facilitate this transfer, and to students who helped move core: Bryan Blackburn, Geoff Gadd and Brandon Page.

Now we just have to wait until Sed/Strat next fall to describe all these cool new rocks!

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